"Exceptional skill. Extraordinary care. "

Al Salam Group of Dental Centres located within the heart of Al Ain City, United Arab Emirates. Established in the year of 2001, now equipped with state of the art advanced equipments and facilities managed by well experienced multinational, multicultural health care staff, and has achieved remarkable progress in the Dental Care field.

We are dedicated to offering top quality dentistry to all our clients. We believe dentistry should be a gentle and positive experience for every patient. Serving patients with utmost care and giving result oriented treatment is the goal of our well- trained professional dental team. At our Dental Centers, a healthy smile is no longer a far-fetched reality. But a reason to celebrate, a reason to smile. We believe in using the latest procedures and techniques available in dentistry and are constantly striving to make the clinic a welcoming, helpful and highly efficient practice.

Effective communication between the dentist and his patient is of utmost importance here. Our dentists are very friendly and caring. The genuine interest in patients starts from the moment he or she walks into the clinic. In fact, the first appointment is the longest. Everything from patient's case history to their specific requirements are assessed, as it forms the basis for all subsequent treatment.

We believe in preventive dental care and strive towards educating the public on the need for oral hygiene. We take extra care to make children comfortable in our clinic. As the Clinic has a large number of regular patients we maintain an excellent record-keeping system; this helps us ensure effective continuity of treatment and help us build a level of comfort with our patients.

As we cater to clients from all over the world, we take special interest in keeping our staff updated on all the latest techniques and equipments available on the global front, making dental treatments a pleasant experience.

The comprehensive range of Dental care services available at Al Salam Group of Dental Centres ensure that, whatever your Dental ailment, you will always receive the best possible medical care. If you would like to make an appointment, please click here. For any further information please call +971-3-7646510.



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